Wish this was My Day

My day is filled with cleaning and children. What are your plans for today?


Lisa Jordan said…
My day will be filled with caring for four little cuties. Today we will make Father's day cards and read stories about dads. Once they go home, I'll be elbow-deep in painting my kitchen. No, the elbow-deep is not an expression...I'm a messy painter who gets it everywhere. :0
Funny video.

Finally I don't have to go anywhere today and I might be able to devote more time to writing. Ah.
~ Wendy
Linda Kage said…
What a cute video! I love how they show her listening in on a conversation right after it said Research. Funny!
Rita Gerlach said…
Don't worry, Jessica. It is an evolving career you have. Just wait until you start landing contracts. You'll be putting 'do not disturb' signs on your door. I have one that says 'Quiet Please'. You'll be working late into the wee hours of night when the kids are asleep and the house is quiet. You'll be turning off the ringer on your phone and turning off your cell in order to meet those looming deadlines. It's all wonderful. Really it is!

Starbucks? I can't see how anyone can write in Starbucks. Too many distractions.
Great video!

My day started at 5:30, when I ooched out of bed aided by a cup of Starbuck's my DH had brewed. I spent some time reading the Word and praying, then slapped some paint on the barn, threw lunch in my work bag, and dashed to my paying job.

I always blog half an hour before clocking in. I spend the next 8 hours answering questions about ink cartridges and file cabinets, trying to find pen refills for people who forgot to bring the pen with them, and explaining why we can't get wheels for a chair that was made forty years ago.

After this excitement, I'll go home and walk with my DH, learn the VBS songs for next week, eat supper, then relax a bit. I usually spend an hour or two writing after supper, but Fridays I take a break and veg.

Yet...my work is a tea party compared to cleaning and kids. I admire you who do that all day--wears me out to even imagine it!

Love you,
Anonymous said…
I'll be off to my work office for a meeting than a lunch meeting to discuss computers, and then a client meeting to show a dentist a camera. But all this will only happen if the car shop gets my rotars fixed and oil changed in time. So, I'll be paying a big car bill too today!
Have a sunshine day!
Jessica Nelson said…
Lisa, how sweet that you're making stuff with them! I hope you have fun painting. :-)

Wendy, sounds like a great day! I hope you get a lot accomplished.
:-) Have you heard anything from that contest you finaled in yet?

Linda, I thought that was hilarious too!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Rita!!! I love your comment. I can't wait....:-)

Oh man, Jeanette, that is BUSY. Sounds like you have it worked out though. I think it's sweet you and your husband go on walks together. Doing what I do is only wearing, imo, when they fight. :-)

Lynn, I hope your car gets fixed! That's always a pain.
anita said…
HA! That must be what it's like to be a writer BEFORE a family comes along. I can totally envision myself being like that if I'd started writing when I was younger. Snirt.

Thank God for giving me a family first. Kept me prioritized and grounded in the real world. I do have to admit, though. I usually manage to get in 6-8 hours of writing a day. From 9:30-11:30 in the a.m., then 2-4 in the afternoon. Then the other four hours are usually from 8p.m. until midnight ... or if I'm REALLY on a roll I'll stay up til one or two and take a good nap the next day. All of the hours in between are spent doing daily house chores (laundry, cooking, straightening) and spending time with the family / kiddos. I'm lucky my kids are 14 and 17, so they're pretty self-sufficient during the writing hours.

Of course, that schedule applies to days at home when I don't have any family or "kid" stuff going on outside of the house (doctor's appts, activities, sports). I'm very blessed that I have a lot of time for writing. ;-)
patti said…
YOu are so fun. I cannot WAIT to meet you in person!

Well, today, I am, LORD WILLING, hammering out a second chapter to add to the first chapter so dear agent can check out my new twist.


Have a great weekend!
Nancy said…
That was totally cute. That lady truly puts herself into it.

I have to blog and get some picture reprints at Meijers, get a haircut, possibly do missions minutes, and watch my daughter try on her veil. Busy day.
Kelly Freestone said…
...but thankfully, I'm able to play hookie from my 10 hour work day!
I.loved.this.video. So cute. And funny!

Her day is my dream day. Mostly though, they're filled with cleaning and children. I'm trying to find the balance.

But I'm also enjoying this summer, because it's the last before both my kids go to school full-time (a day I've longed for!) -- and then I'll have full days like the one above. I hope. :)
Cindy R. Wilson said…
Hey, that's funny--that's usually how I do my "research" too :)

Today, I am catching up on blogs, writing and spending some time with my sister-in-law. Can you believe it? Almost a whole day away from the kids? They're at my MIL's house. Woo hoo!
Unknown said…
Cute video. It doesn't look much like my writing life, but I wouldn't trade my little two-year-old distraction for anything. Right now, I'm sharing half the computer screen with www.sesamestreet.org, and someone is leaning on me providing commentary on the video he's watching. Talk about multi-tasking!
Jill Kemerer said…
It's been a catch up day. My kids are camping (can you see my huge smile??), and I dropped stuff off at Goodwill, bought flowers for our porch, got pictures developed, and *gasp* entered our expenses in a budget worksheet. It's been an awesome day!
Karen Lange said…
My day already included a walk with a friend, a visit to my daughter in law's yard sale, and laundry. Next comes article revisions. Exciting huh? :)
Have a blessed weekend,
Diane said…
Love the eavesdropping! Happy weekend :O)
Project Journal said…
My day will be filled with...


7pm sharp I will be marching in....one last check of the blogs then off to the high school

: )

I cleaned too! But I have been editing as well. :)
Deb Shucka said…
Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
Melissa said…
Thanks for the laugh! This video is awesome.

My day is filled with homework and prepping for exams. Yuck.
Angie Muresan said…
Very funny! I love the "Research" process.

My day was filled with prayer and waiting.
Hi Jess -

This morning, I started off with gardening, checking email, Swagbucks, blogging, and cleaning my kitchen.

I'm stuck at home because my neighbor is replacing my porch deck. When someone's working on my house, I like to be around.

Susan :)
Katie Ganshert said…
Funny video.

Hope you're having a great weekend! Any fun plans for Father's Day tomorrow?
prashant said…
Cute video. It doesn't look much like my writing life
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That made me laugh! how clever is that?

My day will be getting the final edits done on the Sweetie novel - need to get it to publishers before months end --eek
Jessica Nelson said…
Love all your comments!
Katie, no plans. I'm watching my sister's adorable kids, so I've been absent from blogland and poor hubby has been working all day. Do you have plans?

Julie, I don't know how you can work with only half a screen! That's dedication. :-)
Glory to God said…
I came across your blog and noticed that you write inspirational romance? So are your books along the same lines as Francine Rivers? My wife loves Christian books. Do you have any published yet?
Linda Glaz said…
Hilarious Jess, why didn't we know that sooner? We'd be multi-pubbed by now, wouldn't we?
How do I research suspense? Go into the middle of Detroit with dollar bills hanging out of my pockets? Oops, no, that would be researching murder!!! Cute video...
My day was filled with watching softball, and laundry, now blogging!
Jessica Nelson said…
Dean, thanks for stopping by! I'm not pubbed. I'll head over to your place to answer your questions, but I'd be completely tickled if my books came even close to the amazing F Rivers! ;-)

Linda, I know, right! LOL You're too funny....

Hi TWS, thanks for stopping by! Sounds like a busy day for you. :-)

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