Dusty Dreams Hiding Beneath the Bed

New Year's is a time for resolutions and goals, but what about dreams?

After having kids and staying home for years, I'd forgotten how much I love learning languages but with a new job and traveling to Costa Rica, I unpacked that dream, dusted it off, and played with it.

2010 wasn't a good writing year for me. Writing became tiring to me, something to trudge after rather than something to cherish. My hope for 2011 is that in the same way I rediscovered my excitement for speaking Spanish, I'll rediscover my passion for penning a good story.

What are your hopes for 2011? What dreams lay beneath your bed? Do they deserve a good dusting or are they gone for good?


I was thinking about this...dreams...yes, I'd love to secure an agent this next year and be well on my way toward publication, but even more I want, like you, to fall more and more in love with crafting a story.

Happy New Year!
~ Wendy
Diane said…
Exciting! Who knows what you'll be penning this year and in what language?!?!?! :O)
anita said…
I think you're doing great with your Espanol! ;-)

My dreams? Get a new agent ... heh. Get my first book evah pubbed...

Those are the obvious ones. The less obvious? Help my graduate daughter figure out her own dreams so she can find a career to suit her uniqueness. ;-) And become the gardener I've always wanted to be.
Great analogy, Jessie. I'm thankful you admitted to feeling like your writing had become a chore, for that's how I've felt this year, too.

I long to have fun writing. That will be my goal for 2011. More fun in my writing. Yes! Thank you!!!
Jessica Nelson said…
I hope you get an agent too!! That would be awesome. :-)

Hey Diane,
Thanks for stopping by. LOL on a new story being in something besides English. I'm not that smart, but thanks for the thought! *grin*
Jessica Nelson said…
Anita, I know you'll be getting an agent. As for your daughter, no doubt you two will find something she excels at and loves. :-)

Whew! Jeanette, I felt a little afraid admitting my writer's flaws, so I'm glad you felt it too! Here's to fun for both of us!
Nancy said…
I hope you all have fun writing this year. My goal is to not lose the passion I have enjoyed through my trial. I want to be well and passionate. I know it is possible.
Stephanie Faris said…
I've felt that way about writing before. Time off really helped but sometimes you have to just write something for YOU. Ignore genres, ignore rules, write your story...the one you want to write. And that ends up being the best thing you've ever written but even if it doesn't, that's fine. It's about rediscovering why you like to write.
Jessica Nelson said…
Nancy, I hope this is a year of wellness and passion for you also! :-)

Good advice, Stephanie. I think that's my problem, is that most of the writing I've done this year has been to up my word count. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.
Nancy J. Parra said…
Yay for rediscovering your love of Spanish. I think writing can become drudgery for everyone now and then. They say the best cure for that is to tell yourself you are not allowed to write for a set period of time. By the end you should be chomping at the bit to get started. Cheers~
Warren Baldwin said…
Hope your writing revives. I know it means a lot to you. Mine tapered off, too. Hope your Spanish goes well, too. For 201l I want to read and write more, teach and mentor. Four things.

Happy New Year!
Keli Gwyn said…
Jessie, I hope 2011 finds you filled with renewed enthusiasm for your writing.

Happy New Year!
Hi Jess -

I need to dive in and work on my books. I'm praying for renewed fervor.

Susan :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Good advice Nancy! Thank you. ;-)

Warren, I hope your four things are accomplished!

Susan and Keli, looks like renewal is the word of the day! :-) Thanks for popping by.
Deb Shucka said…
I like the idea of focusing on dreams instead of resolutions this time of year. I hope you find the adventure in writing again this year - trust you will now that you've dusted the dream off.
What Deb S said!

I did have some dreams come true in 2009/10 - and I almost wrote "with the hope for more in 2011" but instead I want to take a moment to be grateful!

You will find your passions again - I remember being a mom and working and how I didn't write for so long - but now I can - it's never too late *smiling*
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Deb, I hope so! Very nicely said.

Kathryn, thank you! I hope you have more dreams come true this year too. :-)
Jaime Wright said…
I almost wish I could fall a little bit OUT of love with writing - it seems to put a drain on my already full life sometimes and I get scared how to balance it all. But I hope, my dear, 2011 is one of JOY for you - inside and out - writing or non-writing!!
Tana said…
I hope your writing sparkles this New Year Jessica! Plus you got a great agent so you're already off to a great start. ;) Sometimes writing is work but most of the time I'm lost in blissful daydreams because of it.
Patti said…
I know what you mean about writing becoming tiresome, I'm hoping to recapture that love of writing I had in the first place.
Unknown said…
I love the phrase you used for dreams laid beneath my bed. I hope that I am not really sure what I want to do when my son starts kindergarten in two yeas. I think I need to start dreaming now.

Great post!
Great honesty, Jessica!

I really hope your passion is re-kindled. I love your writing!

Blessings to you in 2011!
Anonymous said…
I love it when something is placed in our path to re-discover a passion left in the dust, so to speak. God does give us nudges that can be quite a shove at times! I'm struggling with my job currently. Maybe it's time to dust off the dream of a different carreer path and take the leap?
Jennie Allen said…
Something about the new year wakes us all up! It is as if we get new wind in our sail....
jdsanc said…
Dreams gone for good, please. Never. Dreams are never gone for good. I mean, don't you love getting really good at something and then realizing at one time you couldn't do it? Now, that dream, maybe it did get lose patience and run off, but it was always there, somewhere.
Wishing you yours!
Jessica Nelson said…
Jaime!!! LOL You're making me jealous. Pass some of that love along. *grin*

Thanks for the encouragement T. Anne. I hear you with the daydreams. My problem is getting them out of me. lol
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey DanielsMom. :-) It never hurts to start daydreaming, imo. Thanks for stopping by!

Awww, Cheryl! You just made me smile so big.
Jessica Nelson said…
Oooh, Lynn, maybe so! You never know where a decision might take you. Maybe somewhere exciting! ;-)

Jennie, yep, I agree. Thanks for popping over.

Hi JD, thanks for the comment! I kind of agree with you there. :-) May our dreams stay bright and shiny!!!
Writing sure seems to go in seasons, doesn't it? Glad you are dusting off your dreams:D

As for me, sometimes it's a matter of pushing through and the level of grit I need changes.

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