Another Rejection

But I feel pretty good because the agent said she liked many elements of my project! Haha, that's definitely a boost.
She'll be getting a thank you card.
Anybody else get rejections in the mail? Requests? Share so I can be jealous :-)

My queries out list is dwindling. It's time to search RWA's website for more agents to astound with my "astonishing work of genius".
That's a mutilated quote taken from Randy Ingermanson but I can't find the original so am relying on my "genius" memory.


Anonymous said…
Maybe a "heartbreaking work of staggering genius?" Something like that, anyway.

I'm so proud of you for querying! Rejection letters mean you're doing it--your living the life of the writer.
Amy Clipston said…
Oh Jessica, I'm sorry for the rejection! Don't give up! I picked up the book "Agents and Editors Market" and emailed every single agent who would take e-queries. Then I sent out some that required SASE. I got a ton of rejections too. I know it's tough, but I agree with Laura -- You're doing your job as a writer. Keep the faith!! I'm thinking of you!!
Hi Lauren,
Yep, that's the quote. :-)
When I finished the first manuscript I started to write the second. I finished the second and started the third and had a startling revelation, lol!
How's anyone going to buy my manuscript if I don't send it out. So I polished up the first and am sending it into the wide world! I don't mind rejection letters because they mean I'm moving forward :-). Even if it's baby steps.
HI Amy,
That's pretty much what I'm doing, except I'm using RWA's list. But believe me, if I run out of romance agents I'll be hounding the non-romance.
LOL, the worst that can happen is what already has.
A form rejection. :-)

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