A Tribute

When 9/11 happened, I had just started my first "real" job as a bank teller. I was eighteen and had never heard of the twin towers. The situation seemed distant to me, unreal. It wasn't until later that the reality slammed into me.

Today while driving my four year old to Pre-K, I heard a Nickelback song with recordings from that day. I started crying, which is kind of weird for me. But hearing the fear in voices made this tragedy so much clearer.

Because of evil choices, thousands of lives were affected. This freedom of choice seems to be both our greatest blessing and our greatest curse.

Eight years ago men chose evil. Let us remember the consequences of their public hatred. Let us remember and choose to do good.

Let us choose to love.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for posting about 9/11 today. As I went about my day, it seemed that so many people were totally unaware what day it was, which is so hard for me to fathom.

And (he-he) now we all know how old you are! (Not as old as me, that's for sure.)
Anonymous said…
I think it was 7 years ago, 2001.
Whoops! Thanks Xavier :-)

Lauren, I'm getting older everyday, lol. Was examining my smile lines the other day (i know, vain, vain, vain)
Sarah said…
My thoughts exactly, I went through all of yesterday in a funk. I know we must never forget what happened that day, but it's still hard for me to think about.

How's your novel coming along?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your kind comments. I actually wrote most of that post several days ago, and I just had to work up the courage to post it. I feel so much lighter since I made the decision. I've also realized in the last few days that there's no way I'm done with fiction. But I have thought about writing some Bible study material as my next project.
Anonymous said…
Great heart felt and timely post, Jessie. Sorry it's been so long since I dropped by. It's crazy busy right now. But reading a post like this sure puts things in perspective.

I'm thankful for crazy busy. It means I've lived another day to aspire and dream. We should never take our lives for granted, especially when remembering such a tragedy.

What a wonderful reminder... thank you.

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