Awards Banquet

Thank you to Steph, who inspired this banquet! :-)
There are so many of you who deserve an award. I could never name all of you, but I appreciate every single person who comments on this blog. I tried to match up the awards with blogs that I think embody the feel behind that award. Also, I didn't follow the rules for any of them. Sorry about that! And if you've already gotten the one I gave you, I'm sorry, and if you don't post it or play with it, that's totally fine with me.
So here they are!



Terri Tiffany







Have you received any awards? Which one is your favorite? Which one do you wish someone would give you? Do you even care?


Tabitha Bird said…
Thanks for the awards Jess.My fav award? Gosh, I don't know... just getting any award is pretty cool with me :)
Jessica said…
Me too, Tabitha. :-) There are some pretty cool ones out there too!
Thanks Jessica! I'm honored to receive this award and will proudly display it on my blog!
Thank you so much, Jessica!! And I got the cutest one, too. I love Holly Hobby, still have a favorite mug with those sweeties on it from when I was a kid and received it for my birthday from a friend.

Love being friend with you, Jessica.

I'm terrible with keeping track of these, but oh so love to receive them!!!

Congratulations everyone!!
sherrinda said…
Awww, you are so sweet! And I love the award you've bestowed upon me! I like to think I am getting adept at making lemonade with all the lemons I've been bombarded with lately! lol

I think any award is the best award! To have someone think enough about you and what you have to say and bestow an award is a reward in itself!

You were one of the first blogs I subscribed to and I have always enjoyed what you post! Thanks for that!
Angie Ledbetter said…
Thanks so much, Sweetness! :)
CKHB said…
Oooh, what's that cool black-and-white-with-hearts dandelion puff one?
I'm awarded! That is so cool, Jessica. Thank you.
Jody Hedlund said…
What an awesome idea, Jess! Thank you for the
Hey. P.S. ... That doesn't mean I'm a big lemon, right??
Thank you, Jessica.
And, uh, like Sandra D.'s question, I just want to clarify - you think I'm cute and cuddly, not big and fat, right??? *grin*
Jessica said…
You all are wonderful. :-)

CKHB, that cool one is the Heartfelt Award. :-) Nice, right? I love how it looks.

Sandie and Karen, No way! LOL I actually had to look that one up first because I couldn't remember what it meant. Turns out it's for the blogs that have a Great Attitude or Gratitude. :-)
Then that's my favorite award so far! I love that.
Why thank you! I hope my dress looks ok. I don't have a speech prepared but this food is delicious!!!
Jessica said…
Marybeth, you look awesome, as usual. :-)
Tamika: said…
Thanks Jessica! You are a sweet friend. I love every award, it means so much because of the person who shared it!

I am stealing your awarding idea, I know it breaks the rules a bit, but the clear easy flow is worth it.

See you next week!
Wow, you are the Award Princess! And so kind of you to share. Thanks for the Comment Panda; I always admired him on other blogs; now I can cuddle him for myself!

Thank you for being a cheerleader par excellence, Jessie. You will reap what you've sown into others lives.

Audience of ONE
Sarah Forgrave said…
Aw, thanks for the award! Since I'm new to blogging, this may be a dumb question. Is it good blogging etiquette to pass the award on, or do I just enjoy it for myself? :-)
Thank you so much, Jessica!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!
Jessica said…
Jeanette and Tamika, I was happy to pass these to you. :-)
But one thing, I don't really want to reap everything I sow! LOL!!!

Sarah, I'm sorry! Yes, there are "rules" but it's up to you whether you want to do them. I believe the humane award has to do with sweetness, so you can pass it on to some fellow bloggers if you want. Or you can just save it and post it on your page. Or you can say thankyou and not do anything. :-) It's up to you!

You're welcome Kristen. :-)
I'm honored and humbled. Thank you and I love these b/c I get to go check out the other winners! Congrats on yours! The panda one is pretty cute looking and there's a sharp looking mermaid one out there that is pretty cool. Thanks again. I appreciate it!
~ Wendy
Janna Qualman said…
Jessica! Thank you so much, gal.

Each award is important, because I'm so humbled when someone thinks enough of what I say to mention it to others. And we meet new people this way!

Congrats on all your awards, too, Jessica. Yours is a fabulous blog.
anita said…
Oh, wow! Even I got one??? I feel SO unworthy *peering through the cobwebs at my languishing blog*


You're so sweet, and such a dear friend. Thank you!!
Cindy said…
Lol, I don't often follow rules for awards either, though I enjoy giving them out. There's something wonderful about acknowledging other blogs and people who have helped or supported us along this journey.

Congrats to all the winners, I love your blogs, too!
Dara said…
Aw, thanks! I'm gonna have to go and look up what it means--I really appreciate it!
Natalie said…
Congratulations to everyone! I think awards are fun and it does make me happy when someone gives me one but I'm bad at keeping track too.
Keli Gwyn said…
Thanks for the award, Jessie. I'm honored.
Jessica said…
You all making giving awards fun! Thanks for all the thanks. LOL
Kara said…
This is a neat way to handle awards! I have gotten some I know I have forgotten to post, but it gets away from me. Then I don't want anyone to feel like they have to respond etc:)
Deb Shucka said…
I love being included in the company of these amazing writers. Thanks, Jessica. I'm looking forward to spending some time exploring the new-to-me blogs.
Hi Jess -

Thank you so much! I love the way you decided to pass along these awards. It's much easier than writing all the rules, etc.

Susan :)
ElanaJ said…
Oh, thanks!

And I totally care. I feel all special inside. I want that heart one, mostly because I like black and white and red.

You are awesome! I love the idea of an awards banquet.
Terri Tiffany said…
Wow-- what a banquet! I have never before seen the one you gave me:) Thanks! I love to comment as you can tell!
Nancy said…
Congratulations on all of your awards. They are colorful and cute and I'm sure you deserve every one.
Project Journal said…
WOW! Today must be the lucky awards day or something :D

I don't have a fave award because I only have 2 so I love them both equally! Lol....anyway, CONGRATS to all the lucky winners! I'm sure you all deserve them very much : )
Katie Ganshert said…
Thanks Jess! I love blog awards! Always fun!
Project Journal said…
Lol....sorry to have this fall on your awards banquet, BUT...

I have awarded you with an award on my blog : D If you want to accept, stop on by and pick it up!

Angie Muresan said…
Congratulations to all the winners! You ALL deserve it!
Jennifer Shirk said…

Hey, what's the lemonade stand one for? I don't think I have that.
But they're all great. :)
Julie Dao said…
These are such great awards! Congrats to you and to everyone who got one! I would have to say the Heartfelt Award is one of my favorites :) It makes me happy to know that someone recognizes how much I love what I do.
This made me smile - I've been having a strange day so seeing this made a bright spot shine! Thank you, Jessica ....*smiling*
Pen Pen said…
Thank you so much Jessica! I got ur comment seeing if I was okay and that you were thinking of me! That means an incredible amount-you really have no idea! I was telling Danyelle at 'Myth-Takes' today how much the writers/friends I've gotten to know mean. Checking some of the blogs byother writers-yours included-is like a 'writing fellowship' to me since I don't know anyone locally who writes they way I do. I wasn't expecting it when I set up my blog, but it has certainly become something more than a place to share random ideas!
I've been dealing with some work, family, and medical problems the past couple of weeks and haven't had too much...strength physically or emotionally to blog-which was weird since I love it so much, but I HAVE been reading a few blogs each day tho not commenting-and ur is one. I'm so glad I could still pop in and read writing/life updates. It actually helped me more than people know. HUGS! :)

Thank you for the award! I will post on it as soon as possible!
Jessica said…
Bloggers have such a great camaderie, and I def. feel close to so many of you.
I'm glad things are getting a little better. I hope you gain some strength. Can't wait to watch your Jasmine video! LOL

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