Family in Town

I might be absent from your blogs for a few days. Just depends on how much my adorable little nephews lure me away from the computer.

Can't wait to get back in the blogosphere. And so far I have one author willing to guest post about the writer/agent relationship! Woot!

This just in! Apparently Travis Erwin is doing a series of posts about how agents have enriched writer's lives. It looks great. Check it out if you have time.


Tabitha Bird said…
adorable nephews are an excellent excuse to be absent from blogging world. Enjoy.
Jody Hedlund said…
Have fun with family! And if you ever need/want another positive agent story, I'd love to share mine! :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Jody!

Tabitha, eek, they're so beautiful! One is only three months old and I've been holding him like there's no tomorrow. LOL It's fun for my to see my boys interact with their cousins too.
Linda Kage said…
Can't wait to read more about Agent/author relationships!

Have fun with the kiddies!! I love neices and nephews.
Tamika: said…
Have a great time with your family Jessica, we will be here when you return.

Looking forward to your guest post!
Just checked it out, Jessica. Saw T. Anne's. Pour thing.

Have fun with your nephews. Wow, you'll have a testosterone fulled home for a bit, won't you!
Sarah Forgrave said…
Enjoy your family! Sounds like they'll be keeping you busy! :-)
Warren Baldwin said…
Enjoy your time off. It is just so necessary some times. Blogging is fun, but so is being with our families! Have a great time.
Tana said…
Have fun with the boys! Thanx for the link, I had fun sharing. I think it helps others to hear they're not alone in getting a harsh rejection and it really did help me a lot. I think his series will be running for a while.
Julie Dao said…
Have fun with your family, Jessica!! Hope you have a good break from the blogging world. :)
Have a wonderful time with nephews making lots of great memories! And don't forget to post some pics!

Haven't had to deal with an agent yet, but look forward to learning lots from the rest of you who have and are in the process of seeking one.
Diane said…
Hope you have a great family visit! Sounds like a lot of electronic gaming going on..... :O)
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Diane! They're not old enough yet. THANK Goodness!
All of you, thanks for commenting. :-) I'm not completely out of commission yet, but probably tomorrow I will be. Maybe. LOL
Nancy said…
By all means spend lots of time with your nephews. Hope you have fun. I'll be excited to hear what you have to say when you return.
Hi Jess -

Adorable nephews definitely trump us bloggers. :) Have fun.

Jessie Oliveros said…
Have fun with adorable nephews. But you have to admit, no matter how adorable the nephews are they are never as adorable as your own.
Jill Kemerer said…
Have fun with the kiddos!
oh! Enjoy those cute little nephews! *smiling*

I can't wait to see my cute little GD :-)

I'll check out Travis's blog :)
Christian said…
nephews. it is wonderful! nave a nice time with them!!!
Karen Hossink said…
Awwww, have fun with your visitors!
Matt said…
Oh those rotten children, always luring unsuspecting adults off into the real world. Curses!
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks everyone! My little nephews are adorable and all the kids played so nice. And the nicest thing of all was the mess they made. LOL

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