Book Spotlights

I loved the main character of this book. Ray Quinn is a cross between House and Ollie Chandler. I was intrigued immediately. The writing was spectacular. Author Mark Mynheir outdid himself and I was hugely impressed, not to mention hooked. A great read, imo.

I've loved all of Lessman's books but this one topped them for me. While pushing the boundaries of sensuality for the CBA market, I also think it pushed the spirituality of today's Christian. The book overflowed with Godly principles and bible verses without ever becoming preachy. I loved it.

This was a great ABA thriller. I couldn't put it down and even though I guess the killer, it wasn't until the very end. If you like suspense, I highly recommend this one. Interestingly enough, Castillo wrote category for years and I believe this might be her "break-out" novel.

Jones is a new author for me. I sat by her at dinner one night at the conference. She was super nice, I'd heard great things about her books, so I bought one. It was SO good. Great writing. The dialogue blew me away. So smart, so funny. It was just a really, really good book that kept me hooked.

What are you reading? What do you like about it?


Gwen Stewart said…

You left a comment on my blog and I realllly wanted to read it, but Blogger ate it...again! Rrrg. If you come back, I shall try to publish it again (why is Blogger always hungry for my comments? lol)

Thanks and God bless today.
I've read Lessman's and Jones and fully agree with you on those.

I mostly read LI's these days and some HP's.
Jody Hedlund said…
Thanks for the reviews, Jessica! Looks like you've been busy reading these days! I'm reading Erica Vetch's right now and a book by Kathyrn Cushman (that my editors sent me for my birthday!).
Jessica said…
Oh Gwen, that stinks! Does blogger do that to you a lot, or is it just my comments? LOL I'll try to come back later today. :-)

Hi Eileen,
It's smart of you to read your target market. I read them too. Right now I'm reading Missy Tippen's. It's really cute so far. She managed to make a nice guy sexy, which is something I need to learn to do. LOL

I've never read Cushman before. Let us know what you think. As for Erica's book, isn't that so exciting? I hope I can get my hands on a copy sometime. :-)
Oh, you must, Jessica. There's no fishing in it, but lots of water for the fisherman in you! I read Erica's book the fastest I've read anyone. It kept me glued to the wee hours of the night.Yes, you must read The Bartered Bride!
Tamika: said…
These sound like great books! Thanks for the reviews, it really helps to know what is worth my time. There is so little of that these days!

Right now I'm not reading just writing away!
sherrinda said…
Thanks for the spotlights! I've read Julie's...which I LOVE! And I just started Jenny B. Jones's book last night, but fell asleep from the Benadryl I took. Sigh...nasty allergies. :)
Angie Ledbetter said…
Looks like a nice lineup.
anita said…
Wow, Jessie! Thanks for the lineup. Those look like great books!

I emailed Linda and told her you spotlighted her book today, and also mentioned you have over 150 followers on your blog. :-) Did you realize that? I'm sure you did, but I hadn't until today. That's pretty impressive, BQE!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!
Sarah Forgrave said…
I just blogged today about how much I loved Tamara Leigh's Stealing Adda and Perfecting Kate. I also loved all of Julie Lessman's books!
Jessica said…
LOL Anita, not more than 150. :-) But thank you!

Thanks Angie! They were definitely a fun way to spend my time.

Sherrinda, sorry to hear about those allergies. I hope you feel better today. :-)

Tamika, could you pass your writing bug my way? LOL

Eileen, that's great to know! My relatives are all getting a list of books from me that I want to read. Erica's will be on there. :-)
Jessica said…
Sarah! I was just thinking of you because I missed your blog opening. Wah! But I'm heading over now....
Katie Ganshert said…
100% agree with Jenny B. Jones' book! Oh my goodness! I couldn't put that book down. So funny and fun! Thanks for the reviews, Jessica. :)
T. Anne said…
Thanks! I want to read Jones now. Add to list...
Linda Kage said…
I love Linda Castillo! I've bought all of her single title books. This is the first that has the heroine writing in first person point of view. My very favorites by her are "The Perfect Victim," "The Shadow Side," and "Fade to Red."
Jessica said…
You're welcome Katie! :-)

T. Anne, she writes YA too. I think this was her first adult contemporary? But I bet you'd like her stuff.

Linda, I've never read Castillo before, never heard of her, but my dear friend is in her crit group and sent me this book. I'll definitely be checking out Castillo's backlist. :-)
Jill Kemerer said…
I've heard of Jenny B.Jones, but wasn't sure what she wrote. I might try her!

I took a break from reading my fave--romances!--to read a classic. Just finished "Candide" by Voltaire. The snob in me was put to shame at the wit and intelligence of this book. Sometimes, I assume people of the distant past weren't as smart as we are, but I was proven wrong. "Candide" was written almost 300 years ago and it was so entertaining.
Diane said…
Good recommendations. I am currently reading Deborah Norville's latest book on respect. Didn't know she was a Christian. :O)
Erica Vetsch said…
LOVED the Night Watchman and I can't wait for the next book in the series. Mark's a great guy and a great writer.

I'm currently reading Just Between You and Me. So many time's I've busted out laughing as I've been reading it.
Jessica said…
Jill, I know, it's funny how just because the technology was different, it feels like people were different. I don't think they were though. Kudos to you for picking up a classic, O Smart One. LOL

Deborah, I've never heard of Norville. I'll have to look that up.

Erica, me too! The wit in that book was amazing. Also, I've read Mynheir's other books and they were good, but I just felt like this one really stood out. I've met him too. He seems like a really nice, funny guy.
OK. That's one, two, three, FOUR books you've read? How long did that take you???
Oh, I wish I could read more.
Just started a Liz Curtis Higgs book a few nights ago. "Whence Came a Prince." It's the third in a series. I was reading the previous one a looooong time ago and lost it. Finally decided to just go ahead ane read the next one. I'm sure once I get into it a few more chapters I'll be unable to put it down. That's how her books usually go for me. *grin*
Julie Dao said…
Wow! Thanks for the recommendations, these books look great. I've been meaning to invest in more reading material as the holidays come along :) I love reading on a snowy winter night. Have a great weekend Jessica!
Angie Muresan said…
I haven't read any of those. Thanks for not spoiling the endings! Have a wonderful weekend!
Janna Qualman said…
Oh gosh. As soon as you said "House," I knew it had you! ;)
Nancy said…
This is one of the few times I can say I'm not reading anything right now. Soon I'll find something and I'll be gone again.
Terresa said…
I'm currently reading Brown's "The lost symbol." I like it so far.

These look like some good books. Thanks for the mini-reviews!
Genny said…
Thanks for the spotlight! Those last two really caught my eye... I'll have to check them out :)
Terri Tiffany said…
Wow! How do you find the time to read so many?? I ordered Maass's newest book this week.
Now, Jess, if I told you that, everyone would know the books I'll be recommending. LOL!

Thanks for giving us a thumbnail on these books. I'll have to check out three of the four, which are new to me.

Susan :)
Jessica said…
Hi Karen, I don't know how long it took me because I read other ones too, I just didn't spotlight those ones. But I usually read one or two books a week, sometimes more, depending.
I like Higgs's books, though I only read the first in that series.
Jessica said…
You have a good weekend too, Julie! :-)

Me, spoil an ending? LOL Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by Angie.

Janna, *wink*

Nancy, I hope you find something great to read.

Terresa, is that Dan Brown? I've heard his books are really fast paced.

Genny, they were great. I'll warn you though, the ABA thriller is very graphic. Definitely rated R.
Jessica said…
LOL Terri. I do the bulk of my chores in the morning so my afternoons are usually pretty free to read. I'm not a busy person either, so I'm home a lot. And...I sometimes don't write so I can read. *grimacing*

Susan, I hope you enjoy them. You write suspense, right? I think you'd enjoy Mynheir's book.
Julie Lessman said…
JESSICA!!!! You sweetheart, you! Thank you SO much for the great review! I cannot express HOW much I appreciate the fact that you said Denied "pushed the spirituality of today's Christian." That is SO HUGE to me that I cannot even thank you enough. Yes, I like meaty romance, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE meaty spirituality with real application and where the characters are actually living it or trying to. Bless you, my friend, for really getting what I am trying to do.

Deb Shucka said…
Thanks for the great new titles to look for. I've recently finished Hope Edelman's beautiful memoir, The Possibility of Everything.
Stephanie Faris said…
I'm up to my ears in young adult novels right now, trying to figure out what to write to target publishers, so nothing most people would want to read!
TLH said…
I left you a little candy on my blog...stop by and pick it up when you get a chance. :)

Jessica said…
Candy??? Tara, I'll be by very soon. :-)

Hi Stephanie,
I've heard a lot of adults like YA. :-) Hope you find some great stuff!

Deb, even that author's name sounds beautiful!
Jessica said…
Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-) Yes, I absolutely think you did an awesome job with that story. The spiritual elements...well, I wish other CBA books were so strong. :-)
Mary said…
hi - I have and award for you at my Writer's Butt blog.
Jenny B. Jones said…
Jessica, thanks so much for the awesome mention and review. Such kind words, and I appreciate that so much! It was great to meet you at ACFW. Hope to see you next year!
Warren Baldwin said…
I'm still reading Old Man and the Sea. Short book, but I'm reading other stuff along with this novel.

What does ABA refer to? (the 3rd book)

What about the dialog in Jones' book was so compelling?
Kara said…
Now I have some more books to put on my must read list. Linda Castillo just happens to be one of our local authors, a few miles down the road from me. She is super nice and very talented. The first book I read of hers she warned me "it is really dark", but I think she felt obliged to say that in the middle of a bunch of romance writers:)
Jessica said…
Thank you Mary! I'll stop by tomorrow. :-)

Jenny, I hope I get to go next year. :-) It was awesome. Loved doing the wave for you too! :-)

Hi Warren,
ABA is American Booksellers Association but I used it to mean secular fiction. :-)
Her dialogue was snappy. Funny. She didn't explain the punchlines but wrote it in such a way that I felt like I was getting the joke just as the characters were. Great subtext and humor to it as well.

Eeek! Kara, you have to be kidding me! Linda is in a crit group with one of my best cyber friends ever! LOL I'd be so jealous if you got to meet my friend. LOL!!!
Kara said…
Jessica, that means you just have to come visit! I even have an extra room:)
Jessica said…
Really??? *Squealing!!*

Dara said…
Reading "Cleopatra's Daughter" by Michelle Moran. I love it; it's such a great epic story. And it's historical fiction--my passion :)

BTW,I just nominated you for a Kreative Blog award. It's not anything much, but if anything it may help get you even more traffic to your blog :) I have it posted on mine. You just have to link to seven others and let them know to claim it. :)

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