The Case of the Reopening Blog Windows: Solved

As some of you are aware, I'd been having problems with blogger. When I clicked out of a blog, it would reopen so fast and so many times that the only way to stop it was to log off my computer.

I think I've solved this annoying case though. Ha!

My computer has been telling me to get IE8 and I finally decided to download it for various reasons. That was a week ago. Since then, I haven't had a single problem with blogger. Other bloggers recommended Firefox too.

So if you've been having this, you might want to check your Windows updates. It's either IE7 or it might be a problem with Vista. I just know after I updated everything, the problem hasn't come back. *crossing my fingers here*

Does anyone else feel an amazing sense of satisfaction when a mystery is solved? Do any of you daydream about being a detective? Or am I just weird?


Katie Ganshert said…
I have that same problem and it is SO annoying!

Yes, I love solving a problem. It feels very very satisfying. :)
Tabitha Bird said…
I am glad you worked it out. How annoying! I have problems with blogger all the time. I write on a Mac and blogger seems to hate Macs. I use Firefox every now and then as a work around for problems. Blogger sucks some times :)
Robyn Campbell said…
Annoying, annoying, annoying!! I am glad that you solved the mystery. Hey, I'm writing a mystery, maybe you should too. It seems Jessica is a very good detective. Hmmmm, I smell a story there. =)
Katie, maybe see if you can update to IE8? So far that has worked really well for me.

Tabitha, I didn't know blogger doesn't like Macs. That completely stinks. :-(

LOL Robyn! You're so funny.
Krista Phillips said…
I've had the problem too... I use firefox for most everything now!
Hey Krista, yeah, if I keep having it I'll switch to Firefox. I've never used it though. Is it tough to switch over? The thought scares me a little...
That problem became much worse once I got on Twitter I noticed, but once I run our anti-virus software updates it improves for a few days.

It's fun, isn't it? :D
~ Wendy
Nice! I'm glad you figured it out! Thanks for letting us know!

I've had that happen with a few blogs, but nothing like what happened to you... Glad the problem is solved!
Wendy, it gets better after the antivirus updates? Do you think it's because Windows is getting updated too? I hope the problem goes away for you. Blogging for me has become so much better.

Kristen, for me the problem started small and gradually worsened. I hope it stays small for you, or goes away. :-)
MeganRebekah said…
I have the same problem on my work computer (which has more problems than I can count). I noticed that it happens only on blogs with embedded comments and then the popup word verification, and it happened if I tried to close the browser before the page had fully reloaded after posting the comment. It's weird.
I would update IE but I'm afraid the computer might crash and burn from the extra baggage :)
LOL Megan! I didn't know updates could do that to a computer. Thanks for the extra info. I didn't realize the setup of comments increased this problem. Thanks!
I have this happen on my Vista computer at work. I'll try the EI8 and see what happens.

I love solving mysteries. My husband and I read murder mysteries togehther at night; I feel so smug when I figure out who did it before the end of the book!
Nothing will send me into the streets screaming like a computer problem!!! So happy you were able to resolve yours!

Thank God for my techno hubby who is my computer savior!

I like being a detective for anything but computers! LOL!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Hmmm... I'm still playing detective with my problem.
Glad you resolved your issue. It is a pain in the behind.
Linda Kage said…
That happens on my email when I check them, then go to another site, and try to come back a few minutes later. I wonder if there's a connection with your IE8 problem. Thank you so much!
Jennifer, it's a HUGE pain.

Jeanette, that's so cool you read mysteries together! I'd feel smug too. *grin* That should be in your Secret Life book. LOL

Donna, I envy you your husband.
You blessed lady!
Linda, that's odd about the e-mail. For that you might want to check your add-ons or possibly download a spyware catcher. Or are you saying the actual site keeps reloading on you? *shudder* That didn't happen to me. I hope the problem clears up for you. :-)
Faith said…
When I was a kid, I formed my own 'detective club' to solve mysteries... and my Dad actually gave us one and didn't tell me until years later that he was the one who'd sent all those letters, left messages in chalk on the playground, and so forth. For some reason my little kid self didn't even consider it was one of my parents who'd given us a mystery to solve, I wanted so badly for it to be real!

I'd suppressed that desire for years, haha... but man, watching Castle? Makes me think that maybe writers really CAN be detectives after all! ;)
Tamika: said…
You a hoot! I would be the worst detective.

I'm glad your computer is on the mend!
Sarah Forgrave said…
Hopefully that's the permanent fix! Great detective skills. :-)

I'm worried I may have some computer problems of my own. My work laptop has been getting what we affectionately call "the blue screen of death", meaning it usually precedes a hard drive crash. Thankfully I have my manuscripts in three different email accounts and on my home computer...If all those crash at the same time, then I'm really in trouble! LOL
Diane said…
So happy that problem is fixed. How annoying!

Hope you'll join me for how "Cupid Shot Me" day at my bog :O)
Faith, what an adorable story!!! I'm going to do that to my kids too. :-) It's amazing how as children we're so gullible, but it's sweet too. Thanks for sharing such a cute story! I've heard Castle is a really good show.

Thanks Tamika!'re not the tiniest bit curious? You don't want to poke around and get to the bottom of things? *wink*

Ooh, Sarah, that stinks about your laptop. Grrr. At least you have everything backed up. You're as prepared as possible, which is a good thing.

Diane, it was the most annoying thing in the cyber world!!! I'll be happy to join you. :-) Probably stop by later this afternoon, after I've done my wordage. I'm still holding out for Godiva, ya know. LOL
Cindy R. Wilson said…
I'm glad you got the problem figured out. My issue seems to be with Vista. Last week, I couldn't get IE or Mozilla to work, ugh!
patti said…
Jessica, you are SOO FUN! Yes, I have wanted to be a detective since I read Nancy Drew. However, I rarely solve technical mysteries. Perhaps plot problems?
Yep, I do shimmies about the room!!
Danyelle L. said…
Yay for your blogger problem being solved. It's amazing what a difference those updates can make!
Jaime Wright said…
you're just wierd. ;)
Sorry ... you set yourself up for that one! :)
No, I'm just kidding. I always wanted to be Nancy Drew until I found out that stuff like that just doesn't happen to everyday people. Which is why I'm a writer. I have to CREATE mysteries to actually HAVE them ... at least that's my experience. :)
Cindy, isn't it horrible? It feels like life is ending when the internet doesn't work. Grrr!

Patti, you solve plot problems? Hmmmm, that sounds like useful info. LOL I liked Nancy Drew too.
Danyelle, it is. I'd always ignored updates until recently. Bad me.

LOL Jaime! Maybe we're both weird. Heeheee!
Jody Hedlund said…
I had that problem on my old lap top. Must have been missing that program. Because I've never had any issues on my new one!
You are not weird! I have weird stuff happen with the blogs, too, so will check that out!

I love figuring out something and going "yes! ha! I gotcha! ha...ha!" *laughing*
Hi Jess -

The same thing happened to me last year. Besides an upgrade to IE8, I needed more memory. Problem solved.

Recently, I found out how to back up my blog. Not being the techy type, I'm thrilled when I find someone, who can help me with issues.

Susan :)
Hey Jody,
Yeah, you probably have all the updates you needed on your new one.

Exactly Kathryn!!! LOL Gotcha is exactly how I feel. *grin*

Me too, Susan. This fix kind of happened on its own because I really didn't know how to fix it and had tried to google the solution with no success.
Elana Johnson said…
Glad that solved everything. And wait. I'm not already a detective?? Dangitall.

And I've been having Google Chrome problems. Won't let me comment today. Annoying. Maybe I need to update?
Project Journal said…
This happens me to me sometimes! It really freaks me out, to be honest with ya! Lol...I know that's lame, but I don't want anything bad happening to my mom's computer : )

Maybe I need to download that for her...hmmm....
I was so glad to hear it wasn't just happening to me. :) It's fixed for me, too, and your solution sounds about right. Well done, Jessica!
Terri Tiffany said…
Good that it is fixed! Mine no longer does it on my windows one so I figure it must have updated there too.
Karen Lange said…
Solving a tech type problem leaves me feeling rather clever. But then I check myself lest I get a big head, for the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know!
Angie Muresan said…
Glad to hear you got it figured out. My greatest fear (ok! not my greatest!) is that something will happen to my blog.
And I am a detective. ;)
anita said…
Good job figuring it out, smarty-smart! And of course you're not weird. I think every writer secretly loves to be a "detective."

Elsewise, why would we be so captivated by the unwinding of our plots and the twists and turns they take? So, yep. There's a detective in all of us. But not many of us have a techno savvy genius in us. Heehee. Go you! ;-)
Deb Shucka said…
There's nothing quite like finding the solution to something. I've wanted to be Nancy Drew since I was 8.
Wow, there's an amazing amount of us who wanted to be Nancy Drew! LOL Must be something in our writer genes. Heehee!
Oh, Anita, I wish I was techno savvy, but this was simply my way of trying to get that stinkin' trojan out of my ieexe process thingy.
Angie, I bet there's a way to back up Wordpress blogs. Look around when you sign in, or google it.
Nancy said…
That opening fast thing happened on my old computer. It was scary. I had to pull the plug, too.

I feel terrific when I solve something. I just put some pictures on Facebook by myself (don't laugh.) It was a huge deal to me.

I love, love, love, detectives, but I don't daydeam about them because I'm not very good at solving their crimes.
Warren Baldwin said…
My problem with that is still relatively small, and I hope it stays that way! Detective ... mmm, I'm not much of one. I get to frustrated trying to detect computer problems.
Unknown said…
I love it when I solve the mystery of a pesky problem. I just figured out a mystery on my iPhone and I almost cheered!
Good for you Sharon! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Warren, you're like my hubby. LOL He has NO patience for figuring out computer problems.

Nancy, we're friends on facebook right? I'll have to check out your pics. It's great you got them up. :-)
Anissa said…
Oh my gosh! Thank you!!! I have the same problem and it drives me nuts. I'm off to download IE8 right now. :)
Karen Hossink said…
Not so much.
And, well, maybe!

I'm glad you got your problem solved. And I wonder, do you still love me even though I just implied that you *might* be weird? LOL!
Just havin' fun with ya!
Grace said…
When I was younger, I was a novel reader. The thicker the book, the more interested I get. But because of my poor eye sight nowadays, it keep me from doing that.
After reading this post, you have inspired me to give myself a try in writing a novel. :)
Thanks for sharing this post, Jessica. :)
A Joyful Chaos said…
I'll have to update to IE8 if it helps keep all those windows from opening.

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