Cupid Shot Me!

I was sixteen.

Driving down one of the main roads of my small town, chatting with my little sister, when I noticed a fine pair of calves running down the sidewalk. My hormonal gaze traveled up those fine legs, landed on a fine chest and stopped at a familiar face.

The preacher?

Yep, over ten years ago I realized that local preacher Jimmy was more than a preacher. Cupid shot me that day (it was all physical) but later God drew us together and we've been married since 2001.

How did you meet your spouse? Your best friend?

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Jennifer Shirk said… sweet. I met my hubby on a blind date.
I'm doing Diane's theme, too.
It's so fun to read how my blogging buds met their spouses. I can see Jimmy's legs now, but for some reason am embarrassed by that. Is your hubby still a pastor, Jessica? I always think of him as the fisherman for some reason.
Tana said…
Ooh! That was soo sweet! My story? I met my hubby in high school. I thought he was cute but annoying until he started to talk about the Lord, then my heart melted. I dumped my boyfriend and started going out with my future hubby. I heart him so. =)
...that is the best story ever.
Jody Hedlund said…
What a very cool story, Jessica!! Sounds like the makings of a great romance story!
Diane said…
The power of calves! Not the usual "other white meat" I tend to think of. So sweet :O)
Love the confession of the traveling eyes! :D
~ Wendy
Love the confession of the traveling eyes! :D
~ Wendy
Love hearing stories about how lovers meet! It would be fun to put together an anthology of them!

I met my hubby while we were both volunteering at a college. Wasn't anything spectacular and romantic, though he does have nice legs too! But it was more like we'd known each other forever from the first time we met and talked. We seemed to fit together like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that were lost then found!

Congrats on your wonderful marriage!
This is cute! Congrats, and I would love to hear more! What happened afterward?
Natalie said…
That is AWESOME. I love that you were checking out the preacher, and that you married him. :)
Jaime Wright said…
Dang girl!! That was a great post!!! :)

Cupid failed to show up when I met my DH. I think he sent a little Devil instead becuase we literally despised each other for the first 5years we knew each other. Then BAM!! Cupid woke up and kicked the Devil out. Nate got hit by an arrow and I followed shortly after. Yeah for Cupid!
Erica Vetsch said…
I met my husband at AWANA club. He was the game leader, I was a new helper.

I love a man in uniform. :D
Awww, I love hearing your stories!

Jennifer, I read your story and it was too cool! You never would've guessed at the party that you were "seeing" your future, right? LOL

Eileen, it's sweet that legs embarrass you. Hmmm, maybe they should be embarrassing me too. LOL No, he doesn't preach anymore. Only fishes for real fish, not people. Maybe someday...
T. Anne, like you my hubby's spirituality really cinched things for me. I loved his passion. That's a sweet story. Sounds like you chose a wonderful guy. :-)

Thanks Jess. :-) I hope it ends even better than it started too. *grin*

Jody, *grin*, maybe a love story but we didn't have enough conflict for a romance. Now Jaime's story, on the other hand... LOL!
Diane, and his calves were really tan. Woohoo! Very nice legs. *grinning as I think about them* LOL

Wendy, confessions are so freeing. *wink* But that's about the extent I'll confess to in this blogosphere. Heehee.

Donna, what a sweet story! That's just as romantic, I think. You seem like you have a wonderful marriage too. :-) We're very blessed.
Hey Weronika! Hmmm, then we became "friends". *Grin* But he was always giving me compliments and pretty soon I was like, Hey, I like you. Is this going anywhere? And after that, the man moved quickly. We started dating in March (I think?) and in Sept. he proposed. (that was my senior year, btw)
We were married two days after graduation, on a Monday. *grin*
Natalie, I know, I was checking out his legs and just couldn't believe it when I realized who he was. It was kind of a befuddled feeling, you know?

Jaime, now your story is a ROMANCE! LOL I loved hearing about your man at the conference too. :-)

Erica, me too! That's kind of romantic how you two met. So what happened next? Maybe you can post on your blog sometime? :-)
patti said…
Love this blog! Met my husband in a 1972 P.E. class at college. Gulp. He was my instructor.

Blessings, Jessica!
A Joyful Chaos said…
Cupid must have been on vacation when I met my husband. Definitely not love at first sight for us.
Karen Hossink said…
Laughed out lout and had to explain it to my kids. They didn't find your story as entertaining as I did. But they're kids. LOL!
I chuckle at how my husband looked when we met. For the first 9 years of our marriage, for that matter. Not that I ever didn't like how he looked, but at the end of 2002 he got on a body building kick and WOW! I didn't realize that much HUNK was hiding! *grin*

Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed it.
Nancy J. Parra said…
Now that was one sweet story! Thanks for sharing. :)
Bethany Wiggins said…
HOW we met isn't the exciting part. I defied my family, jumped on a greyhound bus and traveled across the country to marry him (21 yrs old). That was 12 years ago.
Amy DeTrempe said…
Oops, sorry about the delete.

I met my husband in the county jail. I worked in records and he was a police officer. I used to type up his reports and one day he asked me out. Our first date was 24 1/2 years ago and we will celebrate our 24th anniversary in May.
Wow! Amy, I always hear how hard it is on marriages for one spouse to be a policeman. The length of yours is such a great testimony! And very cute how you two met. :-)

Bethany, eeek! Defied your family? That takes bravery. :-) Sounds like you two have a great thing going. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by Nancy!
Patti! You married your teacher? Too funny!

Joyful Chaos, that's what you're leaving us with? No story? Come on.... :-)

Karen, I'm glad it made you laugh! And that your hubby works out! There's nothing like some nice muscles on our men. LOL
denise petrovich said…
I always love hearing Jimmy and your stories. I met my husband at work and we started biking and blading together and then ran off to Las Vegas for a wedding in blue jeans. We have been married over 7 years now. Love Mom p.s. keep your eyes on the road honey :-) lol
Jennifer said…
I don't have a story to share in regards to a boyfriend, but I met my best friend because she was an insane fangirl for a book that I'd started reading. She came up to me one day, gushing about the book, and we hit it off and have been best friends ever since. :P
Hi Jess -

I didn't know Jimmy was a preacher. Great story (and very romantic) story.

Beloved and I met on Yup, the good ol' Internet. Not quite love at first email or phone call, but close enough. My family thought I lost my mind. They soon changed their minds. :)

Julie Dao said…
What a great story! The arrow really does come when you least expect it :) I haven't really been shot by Cupid's arrow... not yet. Grazed occasionally.
Elana Johnson said…
Wow, what a cool story! I met my husband while I was dating his little brother. It's a good story. :)
Jessie Oliveros said…
I love that! My husband and I met while we were working at a church camp for youth in San Antonio. He had nice calves, too :)
Elana! You married your boyfriend's brother???
Sheesh, I'm learning all sorts of juicy stuff about my fellow bloggers. *grin*

Julie, grazed is an awesome way to put it! YOu genius. :-)

Hi Susan, I think I knew this. I would've been nervous for you too, if I was family. I'm so glad things worked out well for you.
:-) Jimmy was a preacher when I met him (not a pastor though), but now he doesn't preach anymore.
Jenny, that's a cool story! I love having friends to talk books with. :-)

Mom, I know, my roving eyes! I'm trying to drive better now. LOL

Jessie, that's so sweet! :-)
Unknown said…
You did not mention THAT story during our coffee get together. How cute! :)
That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your story!
Katie Salidas said…
What a wonderful story!!!
Angie Muresan said…
You married the preacher??? Oh, girl! I'd better watch what I say around you. ;)
Hey Karen, I'd love to get together with you and Megan again! :-)

Thanks Katie. It's fun to remember.

Angie, no worries. :-) Plus, he doesn't preach anymore. That was just when we met.
Dara said…
College. Well, actually, just before college. It was at a weekend event for all the prospective students, a good four months before freshman year started. I remember I noticed him after I went and registered for the weekend. I passed him in the hallway and was instantly drawn to...his T-shirt :P He was wearing this awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt (that he still has!) and that caught my attention first. And then the rest of him did quickly after:)

I didn't get to talk to him until later in the day but I remember we really hit it off, especially at bowling that night. Of course at that time he still had a girlfriend (who, coincidentally, dumped him not even a week after this because of his choice to go to college far away from her).

I'd forgotten about him over the summer but the day after freshman move-in, I found him again. Within a week it was pretty clear we both were attracted to one another although he wanted to take it slow since he'd been in the messy relationship before. So, we were best friends first for around half the year until he asked me out on Groundhog's Day (yes I remember--and yes it was cute!)

And the rest is history :)
Oh, I love it that you married a preacher from looking at his great legs--what a hoot! You did put that in one of your books, right?

I met mine at Bible college--he's a preacher, too--and a friend asked me to pray a wife into his life.

Thanks for sharing,
Wow! This made me smile!~ :-)
What a cool way to meet your guy. :-) And sweet that he asked you out on Groundhog's Day. :-)

Thanks Deb and Kathryn, for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Jeanette, I hadn't, but since my current WIP has a hero preacher...maybe I should! LOL
It's sweet that you met your hubby in Bible college. :-)
Nancy said…
I met my husband on a blind date. He came to the door with snow on his dark curly hair. I thought, "Not bad." That's what I still think.
Angie Ledbetter said…
Met mine in a country concert/bar place jammed crammed with people. I looked around in the semi-darkness, saw that cowboy hat and told my twin sister, "You see that guy way over there with the white cowboy hat and blue eyes? I'm gonna marry him." We've been married 25 years.
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Aw, I love it! I met my husband at grad school - he was the teacher's assistant for my directing class!

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