When Your Muse Names Himself

Apparently muses can have names.

I always hear funny stories on how to deal with the muse, but I've never heard of the uppity muse naming itself until Amy's Hilarious Post on how she discovered her muse is a guy.

Do you have a muse? Do you blame things on your muse? What do you think about naming your muse, and if you did, what would that name be?


I've never thought about naming my muse!! I never even thought whether it's a girl or boy! Interesting questions. I will have to think on that!

I'll go check out Amy's blog.

Have a joyful, healthy and safe weekend!
Me neither Donna. My muse and I don't really talk. LOL I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! :-)
I think I read about Amy's Patrick...got me thinking all day.

If I had a muse, which I think would be wonderfully amusing (oh man, it is Friday...I'm pulling those kind of jokes)...it would most certainly be a woman.
~ Wendy
As I told Amy, my muse is named Jesus. He speaks at the oddest times, too. Mostly when I'm dropping off to sleep or in the shower. Odd moments. He has the best sense of humor around--sometimes I'm shocked at the similies and witticisms He comes up with! Other times He corrects my stupid thinking, or directs me to go on a certain blog for help with my writing.

Alas, I don't always listen to Him. But when I do, things work better.
LOL Wendy! A woman, huh? Is there a particular reason? Maybe because men are so bossy?? LOL

Hey Jeanette,
Things definitely work better when we listen to Jesus. :-) I saw your post and felt a little guilty. LOL But you're right, Jesus is the real muse.
Karen Lange said…
I guess I have a muse...have not stopped long enough to think about it! Perhaps I should...
Amy DeTrempe said…
Thanks for the link. Oh, your muse is talking to you but he/she must be a lot nicer and respectful than mine or you would already know who they are - lol.
Faith said…
My muse and I often get into arguments... and then she packs her bags and heads out on vacation for awhile. Arrrgh! LOL

I haven't named her, but I assume one of these days she'll bother to let me know what it is. Names have power, you know... I'm sure she wants to keep it to herself so that I can't boss her around even worse. So annoying.
LOL Karen. I'm the same way. :-)

Amy, you're funny! Maybe my muse is shy... *grin*

Oh Faith, that's hilarious!!! I love your comment. :-)
Erica Vetsch said…
Makes me think of Stephen King's muse, a big cigar smoking cynic. Don't know if he gave him a name though. Might have to get out my copy of On Writing and check that out.
Nancy J. Parra said…
Wow- fun post. I don't really have a muse. What happens to me is a character will pop up and stalk me until I write his/her story. There is one stalking me right now that I haven't figured out what to do with yet. lol. But he's persistent.

Thanks for sharing.
Angie Muresan said…
If I have a muse, I've yet to exchange a word with him/her/it.
Keli Gwyn said…
For me, my characters are my muse. When they begin talking, I listen. They love to tell me about their stories and spur me to get more of them on the page.
Kara said…
My first foray into the writing world introduced me to the word "muse". I was always a little thrown by it. Then found myself searching everywhere to find my "muse", I felt somewhat lacking. Anyways, I'm still looking, I'll let you know if he/she appears:)
Kara and Angie, Don't worry, I've yet to meet mine. ;-)

Keli and Nancy, sounds like your muses are related! :-)

Erica, ooh, I didn't know that about him. How funny!
Nancy said…
Jeanette stole mine. My muse's name is Jesus, too. He always shows me great ideas and good things the characters might do. It's loads of fun.
patti said…
The Holy Spirit!
anita said…
What a fun post, Jessie!

My muse's name? Fickle Pickle.

'Nuff said.
Oh, I wish I had a muse, and I wish he/she were decisive because I'm so not.
Oh Anita!!! That's exactly what I was thinking about mine! LOL

Eileen, yours must be shy. :-)

Patti and Nancy...what can I say? LOL God is the ultimate muse. :-)
I've never had a run-in with any muses. Just that still, small voice that belongs to Someone who trumps them all. :)
Hi Jess -

I'm with Jen. My muse is Jesus.

Susan :)
Tana said…
I heart, heart, heart, my muse!!! And yes, he is a man and, oh so handsome ;) *sigh* Must go, he's calling me now.
Stephanie Faris said…
I think my fiance is my muse...can a muse be a real person?
Emily Conrad said…
I like your blog, so I'm nomiating you for an award. :) Stop by my blog to pick it up.


Deb Shucka said…
I do have a muse, and she talks to me constantly, but to my knowledge has never shared her name. She pretty much shares what she wants, and doesn't exactly answer questions or listen to me.
Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure Michael Hauge is my muse. Don't tell him.
Unknown said…
Okay girlie, we have to clear this up. I'm Karen. Not Amanda. We sat together at McDonalds and chatted for a couple hours. Of all my blogger friends YOU should be one of the few that don't call me by my middle name. lol.
Maybe my muses name is Amanda. Hmmm.
Karen Hossink said…
OK. I give. What is a muse???
Suzette Saxton said…
Thanks for the link. I do believe my muse is a guy. As for his name, well, perhaps I shall have to come up with one!
Tina, you're hilarious!

Suzette, he definitely needs a name. *winK*

Stephanie, I think T. Anne knows the answer to this. *grin*

Karen, LOL, I'm so confused. Hmmmm. Apparently I typoed somewhere. LOL

Karen H, AKA Irritable Momma, a muse is a source of inspiration.
Janna and Susan, Woot! Jesus is my ultimate must, but I have some pretend ones too. Like chocolate. Chocolate definitely inspires my creative side. Heehee.

Emily, thank you!

Deb, she sounds a little difficult. LOL

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