Posting Time Matters

I do most of my blog reading in the morning. I know I miss out on posts because I have to stop scrolling through my dashboard after breakfast is done. For me, if you post in the morning there's a better chance that I'll be commenting on it.

What times do you schedule your posts for? Do you think the timing matters?


Tabitha Bird said…
There is an 18 hour time difference between me and most of the USA so time is a tricky thing. I catch you guys late at night or the next day (my time) I am either first to a blog or one of the last, depending.

I always catch you and love that you post in the morning there. That is evening here and I have more time to comment :)
I usually post mine early in the 3am. Not sure why...maybe for early birds like you! :)
I need to figure out that schedule doohickey. I try to get mine done by 7:30am.

My goal.

Wow, Sherrinda...3!
~ Wendy
No, no, no, Wendy!!!! I don't get UP at 3am to write and post! I schedule it to POST at that time! Oh goodness, if I could get up at 3am and write, I would be a wonder woman! I wish I could...I could get alot more accomplished! :)
Sarah Forgrave said…
Funny that you posted about this today. I was just thinking how I'll probably miss some posts because I'm going through my blog list earlier than usual today and won't have time to revisit. I usually schedule my posts for 4am...6am at the latest.
Tabitha, likewise I always see your posts in the morning! :-)

Sherrinda, I do the same thing. Four AM. It just seems good to get it out there nice and early! And trust me, I'm FORCED to be an early bird. :-)
Wendy, it's super easy! I'll stop by and tell you how. :-)

LOL Sherrinda, why do we need to sleep anyway? What was God thinking? Heeheee

Yep, Sarah, you're a regular stop for me too because you're always in my dashboard. :-)
Jennifer Shirk said…
That's a good question! I'm up early--except for today. I was a little late. But yeah, the earlier a blogger posts, the more likely I will read it, too.
Because then i don't read blogs again until later in the afternoon or evening.
Melissa said…
I don't have a schedule. I should probably get one. I just never have a schedule for myself but today I tried to do my post earlier so that it would be more convenient for everyone.

I check my blog in the morning and again at night so I don't miss any. But that's only because I procrastinate.
Me too Jennifer. Mornings are usually slower than afternoons for me.

Melissa, schedules are good. Do you know how to use the posting option so that you can write your post whenever you want but schedule when it goes up?
Rita Gerlach said…
I usually post in the morning once a week. But I'm terrible at keeping an exact scheduled day for posting. I really do love reading your blog and the posts you put up in response to mine.
Rita, being tied down to one day can be boring. :-) Thank goodness for the dashboard!
Thanks for your sweet comment. I enjoy your posts too. There's always some intriguing bit about the past to read, or helpful craft stuff. :-)
anita said…
I schedule my posts for NEVAH, as you can see on your sidebar over there. HA!

Lately, I only post on my blog when I've made some progress in wordage on my WIP, because that's where my word widget is.

My poor cobwebby blog. Sigh...
Erica Vetsch said…
I schedule my posts for early in the morning. I usually write the posts on Sunday evening and schedule them to post sometime between 3 and 6 am.

I do think the scheduling matters, but only to a point. I read some blog posts no matter what time of day they appear, and I try to get through all the blogs I read by the end of the day.
I usually post in the morning and do blog reading early in the morning and after dinner. Blog reading is time consuming but oh so much fun! I hate it when I find that I have missed someone!
Terri Tiffany said…
I always set it for 4am cause it is ca time and that puts it on at 7 here:) I read early too.
Terri, I didn't know it was CA time! Good to know.

Donna, I agree, blog reading is very fun!

Erica, I'm in awe of those who write their posts out ahead of time. Sometimes I do, most of the time I don't.

Anita! You always crack me up. :)
I usually schedule mine for around 4:30 am, the time my DH arises and makes coffee for us, and those early bird bloggers are logging on.

How's your new job going?

I understand! I like planning mine for 6 a.m. (CST), because it feels like it catches more readers that way.

But I've noticed, too, that on the rare occasions I post something in the evening, different people respond.
Karen Lange said…
Good point! I know I miss some because I cannot catch them at the right time, and don't always have time to go back.

I usually schedule my regular Monday and Thursday posts to post just after midnight that day. That blogger feature is quite handy. In between posts are often posted whenever I have time.
Patti said…
I usually post late at night, so it's like early morning. I find it does make a difference. I do most of my blog reading in the morning as well.
Mine is varied, depending on what I am doing. I find it very quiet as I have a time difference of 2 hrs ahead of UK. I think my evening kicks in during your morning in the US. I know Vancouver is 10 hours behind Cyprus, as my son lives there.
I do know, I find all sorts of goodies waiting for me when I log on with morning coffee. :)
Cindy R. Wilson said…
I try to schedule my posts for 6 am, because most people are usually up and going by the time I wake up (way over here in Colorado). I definitely think it makes a difference the time of day AND the day of the week. It seems like Mondays are usually the busiest, then Wednesdays and Fridays.
Jody Hedlund said…
I think consistency is good for readers. They can come to know what to expect from us and that can help keep them coming back. It's easier for me to visit blogs when I know what day they'll post and also if they post in the morning. Hope you're having a nice summer so far, Jessica!
patti said…
Such a good question, Jessica.

I've been posting the afternoon before just to give myself a little lead time. And I LOVE it.

You go, girl!

Hi Jess -

You know I'm the early bird. Almost every post is scheduled for 12:01 AM Eastern time.

I'm so grateful for that scheduling feature. It has saved my sanity more than once.

Susan :)
Project Journal said…
Since I'm a student, it's a totally different world! Lol...there's no time to post in the morning, at all! So, I have to post mine in the evening, if I'm lucky enough to have time.

Be on the lookout, Jess, I'm {seriously} almost ready to post the awards banquet. If I'm lucky it'll be this week, but between last day of school tomorrow and other graduation things, it's difficult!
Tana said…
I wonder if I should schedule mine for earlier? I shoot for 6 am EST. Is that cutting it too close? Should I post earlier?
Kelly Freestone said…
Hey Jessica.
Sorry I missed your post on my blog...I've not looked for comments for the last few days, and I feel TERRIBLE!


I live in Live Oak.

Sorry I haven't gotten back, thanks for commenting :)
Deb Shucka said…
I post whenever the piece is done, usually morning, but I don't plan it that way. I know it's hard to find time to write and read and do life.
Nancy J. Parra said…
Oh, I so agree. Timing does matter. Unfortunately I am not so well organized to have posts set up and posting early. lol.

I'm still happy for anyone who stops by. :D

Karen Hossink said…
There is that tricky part of taking international readers into consideration...
But I am like you, scheduling my posts for the morning. To be honest, though, my choice in doing that was more to satisfy my anal tendencies than because of much deep strategic thought. LOL!
Duane Scott said…
I have never worried about blog posting times. I just do it whenever I get it done. :)
Hi Duane, thanks for stopping by! Glad you don't worry about it. Now that we have the dashboard, I'm not sure it matters as much? Only that I tend to read blogs in the morning, so I wondered if others do too.

Karen, you? Anal? I don't believe it. *grin*

Nancy, is it really fair to expect a writer to be organized? Kind of flies in the face of stereotype, right? :-)
Deb, I do see alot of your posts on the weekend. I know, posting def. takes time, as does reading others' blogs. Thank you for popping by. :-)

Kelly, don't feel bad!! :-) I didn't remember to even check back until the next day, so it's no biggie. I've never heard of your town. Guess that means we're not close...

T. Anne, I have no clue! I like the early posts because I see them, but sometimes I get on in the afternoons or night (like now) so I see them too. I guess you just need to do what works best for you. :-)
Jeanette!!! How do you get up that early?? *shudder* The job is good, thank you. :-) It's turning out to be more of a side thing, but when I go I really enjoy myself.

Hannah, I need to hold a banquet too. So many great awards for so many wonderful bloggers. ;-)

Susan, totally agree. The scheduler is awesome.
Patti, I'm glad you found something that works for you. :-)

That's true, Jody. There are bloggers who I know have posted and I can go right to their page. Summer is great. I'm sleeping past seven every day! :-) How's yours?

Cindy, I've noticed that Monday is a hot day too. I think your time probably works, though I end up missing yours because I'm usually off by eight. But I get back on again later, 'cause I'm addicted. :-)
Janna, interesting point!

Karen, I didn't realize you do M and Th. How does that work for you?

Patti N, you must stay up late!! Wow. :-)

Glynis, I think it's so cool you live in Cyprus! I've never thought to ask, but do you speak Greek?
Nancy said…
I thought you were going to write about how you list times when you write. I used to do that.

I usually post in late morning, after the house is clean, or on Fridays, as soon as I can get to it.
Anonymous said…
I think morning is an ideal time, like most of your other commentators. I'm just not quite that organized yet! I try to comment on blogs before I go to work but sometimes life just gets in the way.
Nai, yes. I speak a little. Enough to get me by. I speak village, Cypriot Greek. There are many dialects, the next village is different than mine for some words. I love speaking it, and I write a little too.
I wish I was 20years old, then my brain would retain it all!
Dara said…
Heh, I don't schedule. Most of the time my blogging ideas come on a whim while I'm at work, bored and frustrated, or at home and something just pops into my head. When I do schedule them, I try for the mornings, but those normally occur when I have an actual "series" to post for--and that doesn't happen often.

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