Wanna See

My Happy, Smiling face when I met Irritable Mother Karen Hossink? Click HERE, scroll down. I'm the skinny one with the goofy smile and long hair. LOL

I second everything she said. :-)


anita said…
Awww! Great pic, Jessie. She looks like a really nice lady--not irritable in the least. Heh.

Wow, you two sure have straight, white teeth. Did you wear braces, by any chance? I'm going through the last set with my youngest as we speak. My daughter wore them, too.

They inherited the crooked teeth gene from their daddy. Heehee

Have a great day!
She's very nice and no, LOL, she's not Irritable. But she used to be. :-) That's why she's such a great speaker.
I did wear braces (thank you mother!)
Terri Tiffany said…
Great picture! You look like you!:))
LOL I was hoping that pic didn't look like me. I guess I need to do soemething with my hair. :-)
Wow, what fun to meet her! I am so happy for you, and she was very complimentary, which is fully deserved.
But... i thought you had 3 kiddos...
Jody Hedlund said…
Cute picture! It's always fun to see pictures besides the profile picture! I feel like I can better visualize you now!
Angie Ledbetter said…
Boy, this whole bloggerville experience has been a blast so far, but to meet in real life your blogging pals? A true blessing, hunh?
Hi Jeanette,
I do have three. :-) I think she forgot or was tired. It was fun, and thanks for saying I deserved the compliments. :-)
Hi Jody,
That's true. I get so used to profile pics that when I see real people I'm like, whoa. Almost don't recognize them sometimes.
It's def. a blessing. I hope I meet you and Kathryn sometime, just to hear your cajun accents! LOL
Great pics over there. Bringing cyber to life. How wonderful!
Kristen Painter said…
For a minute, I thought you said your irritable mother...
LOL Kristen! My mom reads this blog. I would never say that...
Danyelle L. said…
Very nice! :D Love your hair!
Awww, thanks. It's in desperate need of a trim.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Love it! Sounds like a fun time!
Hi Jess -

You both look great in the picture! Wouldn't it be fun if we could all meet? Ah, maybe someday at a writers conference.

Susan :)
Awww...you are so adorable! And so slender! All that gym time looks nice on you! ;)
Karen Hossink said…
Oh, Jessica, you are so gracious! Yes, I was tired when I wrote that post, but I was thinking two kids because you talked about two of them in your email yesterday morning. (How are they doing, BTW?)
Anyway, I just fixed it - now you are officially creditied with giving birth to the third one, too. *grin*
And I was blessed with straight teeth. No braces for me!
Jennifer, it was awesome! :-)
Thanks Susan. :-) I would love to meet you. Do you think you'll be going to ACFW?
LOL Sherrinda, thanks! :-) I've gotta tell you though, that I'm genetically skinny. The gym is actually to give me some muscles. I don't want to lose any weight or I'll look like a scarecrow. LOL!
Hey Karen,
Crediting me with a third, huh? LOL! I figured you were pretty tired, plus you meet so many moms I wouldn't expect you to remember my brood. LOL
So you didn't have braces? You lucky lady! :-)
Tana said…
Your beautiful! Inside and out. Thanx for letting us sneak a peek.
denise petrovich said…
very nice blog by Karen. She sounds really nice and what a great idea with the balloons. Your picture looked very nice and yes you do have straight, white teeth.lol. Love Mom
Jessie Oliveros said…
Great picture. It's always nice to see more pictures of my blog friends. Then I feel like I know you better.
T. Anne,
That is such a sweet, kind thing to say. Thank you. :-)
My teeth are straight thanks to you, mom! :-)
Karen was very nice and the balloon thing was awesome. You know, she said she was going to count to three and we should let go of our full balloons, but do you know that everyone let go on one? Including me. I didn't even mean to. I guess subconsciously I wanted to "let go".
Hi Jessie,
It's been awhile since I've "seen" you. Thanks for stopping by. :-)
Krista Phillips said…
Great photo Op Jessica! *grin* on the three kiddos, I have three too! Fun stuff:-)
LOL Krista. Fun is one word that can be used. Crazy another. :-)

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