Gone Garage Saling

Today (for some reason I originally wrote tomorrow, lol) my mom and I are making the rounds!

Anyone else trying to save some money on presents? Am I completely cheap to do this?


Tabitha Bird said…
Not cheap, just thrifty :)

Have fun. I love garage sales.
Angie Muresan said…
Nothing wrong with garage sales!
Love garage sales and flea markets! Great economical gifts to be had! Wish I was going with you!
Terri Tiffany said…
Great idea! Not cheap at all. We aren't even doing gifts this year!!!
Garage sales are over around my home now. Too cold. But I think it's a wonderful idea. We have the 3-R motto around here. Reduce, REUSE, RECYCLE!!

If you have someone who loves cloth bags, for example, and you find such at a garage sale, maybe bling it up with your own personal touch for them. Then, it's very new isn't it!! I love updating what I get at garage sales, and would love to receive such a gift too.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi ladies, thanks for making me feel better! LOL I've never been a big garage sale person just 'cause I don't go out a lot. But this morning seems like it'll be fun. I hope you all have a great day!
Jennifer Shirk said…
My friend is a total yard sale junkie. :)

But she gets some GREAT stuff!!

One year she got a bunch of American Girl furniture and clothes and wrapped it up for Christmas for her girls.

Have fun!
I think it's a great idea! I don't ever go...not sure why, but I know people who go every weekend! :) Have fun!
Definitely go thrifting for gifts! You will find cool stuff and not spend much. That's just smart! If you don't find much today, be sure to keep trying...you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!
anita said…
There's nothing wrong with being frugal! :-) I'd love to do some garage hopping this weekend myself, but as you know, I'm busy CLEANING HOUSE. Ick.

Hope you find some great stuff, girlie!
Katie Salidas said…
I'm planning a thanksgiving garage sale to help make some money for Christmas presents. I love garage sales.
Thrifty is an excellent word. And it describes me, too!

Best with your day!
denise petrovich said…
Your mother says "No!" And FYI we found some good buys. Had a great time! Love Mom
Nancy J. Parra said…
Glad you had fun!! Thrifty is totally "in" these days. Cheers~
Hi Jess -

A lot of people sell new or almost new items. I purchased a beautiful set of new Libby parfait glasses for a paltry $5.00.

We can't go yard saling at this point due to the weather. Our season runs from about April to October. We're also finding tons of kid stuff, but not much in the way of household items.

Susan :)
Kara said…
Garage sale gifting tip: When giving your children books collected from a garage sale make sure someone else's name is not on the front cover which causes your child to ask, "Mom, who is Tom and why do I have his book?!"
Have fun!
Tamika: said…
Not cheap- frugal. There are definite benefits to making wise money decisions. I pray you reap a harvest!
Jessie Oliveros said…
Two of my sons favorite toys were STEALS at a garage sale.
Anonymous said…
not cheap, kinda smart these days. there's so much interesting stuff in thrift places, as they say. one mans trash is another mans treasure ;)

I am definitely cutting back this christmas! I have to and so do many others. I think it's a good thing, though - I think things were getting out of hand for everyone - maybe this will be a good trend to keep: not over doing it at christmas!
Unknown said…
Nah, I love thrift stores and yard sales. Sometimes you find real treasures there that you can't find at a mall. Have fun!
My dear, you are not being cheap, but wise. I have found many yard sale items that are brand new, with tags or stickers still on them, for pennies on the dollar. Why spend your hard earned money by the boat load when you can get the same treasures for a bucket full?

I'm proud of you,
Audience of ONE
Karen Hossink said…
Cheap? I'd say smart! *grin*
Gosh, we don't have garage sales around here now - it's getting too cold. Otherwise, I think I might do the same thing.
Were you successful in your bargain hunting???
Amy DeTrempe said…
Good idea. We don't have garage sales this time of year where I live. I need to look for thrifty deals in the ads and online.
Jessica Nelson said…
There were some nice things and then not so nice. Fun times, though. :-) And exhausting.
Pen Pen said…
Ur a genius to do it! One of the best gifts I ever got someone-a glitter lamp(like a lava lamp but with glitter that is constantly flowing in water with a light) for my best friend was from a garage sale! She still mentions how much she loves it and that was years ago! :)

I'm going to go to our local re-sale shops and garage sales soon! It's a treasure hunt, and the quality is MORE personal in my opinion cuz I hunt for the pieces,and the people's personalities seem to shine thru more when I'm picking things for them in re-sale locations. Example-Many times I'll find an amazing gift at a regular store and try to think of someone it would be good for, but-at re-sale places-The process is "think of person, find gift" as opposed Find gift, think of who it would be goo for". :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Well, I hope I find some good stuff. :-) I know what you mean about the shopping at stores.

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