An Old Dog Learns a New Trick

That's me, y'all.

The old dog who didn't want to "follow" anyone because she was too lazy to figure out how.

I've changed my tune now, and boy is it sweet!

Instead of clicking on each of your smiling faces everyday to see what's up with you, I get your posts on my dashboard. How cool is that?

Of course, you already know about this cool trick, don't you?

Is there anything else this tech-retarded girl should know?


Jody Hedlund said…
I just love having the side bar on my blog too. Then I can always see who's posted and go right over to their blogs and say howdy! But I love the dashboard too. Isn' technology great? I can't wait to see what Blogger comes up with next!
Me too. I'll bet there's all sorts of goodies we don't know about.
Karen Hossink said…

This is me - more tech-retarded than you. Posts on your dashboard? What???

The thing I have recently discovered that made me feel so tech-savvy is something I think you have already mastered. Because I don't think you're really up posting at 4:00 in the morning.
A few weeks ago I dicovered I could schedule when my posts are to be published, and I love that feature. Now, I write when I have the time and set it all up to go when I want it. Oh, do I ever feel "on top" of things now!
Yes, a nice little illusion I can live in within the blogosphere. LOL
I promise you Karen, I will NEVER be up at 4 AM. LOL Yes, that little goody is awesome. ;-) Gives a nice schedule to the posts too.
Don't feel so bad, Jessica, I just figured that followers thing out a couple weeks ago, too. It is very helpful!

Yesterday, I finally figured out how to add the Blog List on my sidebar. You were way ahead of me on that!
Kristen Painter said…
I use Google reader. So easy!
LOL! At least I learned something quick. *snicker*
It is SO helpful. I'm saving way more time now and I don't feel bad about missing people's posts, because I don't miss any now, not when they're right there for me to see. (hope that sentence made sense)
Kristen, I thought about that one. Is there a difference between google reader and the updates on the dashboard?
Kevin said…
Jess: Way to go! And, you are NOT old, nor a dog!
If it wasn't for my husband's tech and computer wizardy, I wouldn't be blogging, using my cell phone or doing anything technical without assistance!!! If you check back a couple of blogs ago you'll see the post where I went into "tech tantrums" for days!!!
Hey Jess

Where in FL do you live? I'm trying to get Terri Tiffany and Janna and me to meet when Janna visits FL next week. Can we round you up too?
Donna, I think I missed that post, unless it's the one where your background got all messed up! I'm heading over now. :-)
She can be taught! :D
LOL Janna! Just sometimes. :-)
Jennifer Shirk said…
I behind in the times. I don't have a "follower" on my blog.
I need to get/use one. :(
Get moving girl! Peeps want to read author blogs. :-)
Unknown said…
I'm all about bringing in the followers. And then there is the husband who keeps trying to find more ways than I have time for to bring in the followers. Jennifer, I tried to follow your blog, but didn't see a spot where I could choose to???? Weird :(
LOL Marybeth. When I click on your face on my blog though, I can't access your site. I had to just save the url, which is what I'm going to have to do for Jennifer. She doesn't have a follower button, the stinker.
Dara said…
I'm still slow...I read blogs the old-fashioned way by clicking on the links on my blogroll :P

I should upgrade...:P
Tana said…
Gosh I used to be able to follow people with my daisy popping up in their follow section. These days I just show up as a non picture which pretty much looks like a blue ghost. Honestly, I'm technically handicapped.
Jessie Oliveros said…
Yea! I recently discovered how to upload an audio file on my post. I'm going to do a how-to post soon.
Katie Salidas said…
Woo hoo, Congrats on learning a new trick.
LOL Isn't this trick great? I just clued in to it a couple of weeks ago.

Lynnette Labelle
Danyelle L. said…
Heh. I follow people so I don't miss things, and then forget to use it because it's quicker to click on the blog roll rather than log in. >.<

Do we get extra points if we're technologically retarded and absent minded? ;)
Dara, if it's only a few blogs then that works fine.
But people keep adding themselves to my blog and (lol) trying to click on thirty-three faces several times a day, and trying to remember when someone posted, was taking up tons of time.
I promise you, the follow feature is painless. :-)
Thanks Quixotic and Lynette. It is pretty awesome!
T. Anne, your flower is still on mine, so I don't what the deal is. ????
sounds interesting! I think a few of the ladies on here have discovered that too. :-)
I don't know about retarded, Windsong, but I could sure use some for absentmindedness! LOL
I get all those tidbits on my dashboard, but still like clicking on the blogroll. Sorry guys. It takes me awhile to adjust to these newfangled notions.
You're not alone Susan. It took me forever and I had read about Google reader, looked at it, understood it, just didn't want to mess with it. LOL
Hope you're doing well. :-)
Cindy R. Wilson said…
I love the dashboard, one of my closest and most helpful friends. It's so fun to follow all you talented people around and see what you're up to during the week. I could definitely make a job out of this!
I totally agree Cindy! :-)

Thanks Angie. I gotta give you props for having a post every single day. That is amazing.
Yay! I use Google Reader since I follow too many blogs to mention without getting red in the face. Got a lot to catch up on this morning!

Glad you found something that works for you! I love it when you visit me. :)
Hey Michelle,
It's crazy to follow a lot of blogs, and yet so fun! Have fun catching up. :-)
I like when you visit me too. :-)
Jessica, I have the follow feature, but I'm sure I'm missing out on some other cool feature. Maybe everyone could come over and tell me what to add or substract? It'd be like What Not to Add, the hotest new show for bloggers. ;-)

Thanks for the encouragement regarding the ACFW scholarship. I hope every single person who did not receive one has a story like yours.
Thanks for stopping by Christina. :-) I hope other people have a story like mine too. Talk about a blessing.
Congrats again! :-)

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